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From the beginning it was important to Thistle to involve young people in theatre. In fact of our 18 main productions, 12 have featured children. Dramarama, a program for children in grades 2-8 has run since 1996. Every summer 24 young people spend 2 weeks learning theatre craft, creativity and self expression. Then we do it again for another 2 weeks. In all, close to 50 children benefit from the confidence they learn by participating in the Dramarama program. Thistle has deliberately priced this program to be affordable for most families. Teenagers with specific theatrical skills are the counsellors at this program. The first 10 years were led by Bernice Finch. A teacher who returned to her Embro roots in retirement, Bernice profoundly touched many young people with her leadership.

July 2013 Camps:
Thistle Theatre is now taking registrations for their 2013 camps. Please download the brochure at left.

This summer we are pleased to welcome Jill Baker as our Artistic Director (a former Dramarama student!) and Mallory Hunter as the Assistant Artistic Director. We will have familiar Counsellor returning as well, and some new CIT's (Counsellor-In-Training). All of them bring an excitement and energy to our Dramarama program as well as a great deal of experience. Don't miss out on the chance to sign your children up for this wonderful program.







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