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Theatre Etiquette

Thistle Theatre strives to bring a nice balance between well known and time-honoured shows, and new and innovative scripts. In all cases, we want to provide our audience with a memorable theatre experience. And we ask our audience to help by showing common courtesy to those around you. The following practices will ensure that everyone can fully enjoy the show.

At time of purchase, please make sure that the date and time on your tickets are correct. There are no refunds, but ticket exchange is permitted on the dates specified for each production. You will find this information listed on the posters, and under Current Productions on our website.
*Note: There is no official dress code for attending our shows, however please keep in mind that many people are highly allergic to perfume or cologne.

Turn off all electronic devices, including cell phones, pagers, beepers, alarms, or any device that can disturb the performers and your fellow audience members.

Keep in mind that you are attending a "live" show. You can't hit pause and rewind because the person next to you is still chatting about the day's events after the show has started so be considerate - DO NOT talk, whisper, sing or hum during a performance unless you are encouraged by the performers to do so. Also, if you're planning on wearing a "My Fair Lady-style" hat then be prepared to remove it during the performance. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to peer around an oversized hat sitting right in front of you in the audience! Please allow those seated behind you the opportunity to enjoy the show.

Photography of any kind, particulary flash photography, is not permitted during a performance. Audio and video recordings are strictly forbidden under copyright laws.

Only bottled water is allowed in the auditorium. Refreshments will be served by community service groups at intermission and they usually only ask for a donation. Have you ever noticed that the sound of someone unwrapping a candy is amplified a hundred times when it's done during live theatre? It's disruptive and annoying to those around you, so please avoid it if at all possible.

It is courteous to be on time, so plan to arrive at the theatre at least 20 minutes prior to showtime. This will allow you to park your car, find your seats and read the program before the show begins. The time posted on your ticket is the time the performance begins. To avoid disruptions, Front of House staff will usher latecomers to their seats at an appropriate time during the show, or they may be asked to sit at the back until intermission.

For those on stage, and the crew backstage, your applause and ovation is the ultimate reward for their artistic endeavours. If you enjoyed the show, tell all your friends what a great time you had at Thistle Theatre.

If there is a situation that requires attention please speak to an Usher or Front of House staff. Our volunteers work hard to ensure that your visit to our theatre is an enjoyable experience. We LOVE it when you come to the theatre!



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